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Koena Mitra : Bollywood Movie Actress

Koena Mitra : Bollywood Movie Actress

Koena Mitra (Bengali: কোয়েনা মিত্র; born 7 January 1984) is an Indian actress and model who appears in Bollywood films.

Mitra was born in Kolkata, West Bengal to a Bengali Hindu family. She attended South Point High School and Lady Brabourne College of the University of Calcutta. She has a major in psychology.Mitra was trained with the Mamata Shankar ballet troupe for 12 years. She trained in western dance forms, basketball, swimming and tennis. Her dream was to be an athlete. She started her career too early and that had created a lot of tension in her family; she mentioned that on a TV show right after winning the title.[citation needed] She had almost bag packed and left her house. Mitra was in high school when she won the all India title.

Dipjol : Bangladeshi Flim Actor

Dipjol : Bangladeshi Flim Actor  

Kuasha Rach : Bollywood Actress

Kausha Rach (born. 1986) is an  Indian film actress.

She debuted in Telugu films with Premaya namaha. She has done item numbers in many films. She appeared in KuberuluBhagavantuduPrarambhamAthili Sattibabu LKG and in Budha as Siddhartha Gautama’s wife Yashodhara.

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