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Hot Sexy Actress Model : Nigar Khan

Hot facts in Nigar Khan Biography

# Nigar Khan was in controvercy when her top came off when she was walking down the catwalk in Oslo fashion show. Some websites published her controversial topless pictures, which are still available on internet.

Nigar khan was in controvercy when her topless photos appeared on the cover of Norwegian magazine Vi Menn. But Nigar Khan denied that fact and stated that the photos were not genuine.

In February 2005 Nigar Khan was deported to Norway by the Indian authorities alleging that she was working on a visitor’s visa. But Negar Khan claims be working in India legally. She alleged that the authorities discriminated against her just because she belongs to Muslim religion. It was reported later that Negar khan planned to return to India and has applied for a work permit in India.

Negar Khan was earliar married to Indian actor Sahil Khan but her marriage with the actor came to an end quickly. She has earned Bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising. Negar khanalso earned a master degree in international business.

Nigar khan was born in Iran and was grown up in Norway.

Nigar khan came to limelight in India after her music video of ‘Charhti Jawani’.

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