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Habib Wahid Gets Married

On Wednesday evening, the immensely popular singer Habib Wahid got married. His wife’s name is Rehan Chowdhury and she is from Chittagong, who is a Masters student of a private university. The marriage was held in Chittagong, in Rehan’s house in attendance of a very few family members and relatives. Habib said, ‘The marriage was held suddenly, I was not prepared for it at all. Even at the day before the marriage, I was not sure that I will be getting married the next day. I had to get married in a hurry because my mom requested me. Due to the rush, I was not able to tell anyone about it, but it feels good to be getting married on family’s choice. Hopefully my fans and well-wishers will pray for me.

Habib Wahid and His Wife Rehan Chowdhury

Habib’s father, Ferdous Wahid was not able to be present during the marriage because of another family event at the same time. Ferdous Wahid said, ‘Habib’s mom has been in talking terms with Rehan’s family regarding the marriage for over a year, but the marriage happened all of a sudden.’ He also added that the wedding reception will be organized very soon. The newlywed couple is now in Chittagong. Habib’s newlywed wife Rehan was born in Saudi Arabia. Habib got divorced from his first wife during the year of 2003, this is his second marriage.

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