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German Sexiest Model & Actress: Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla (born February 12, 1987) is a German model, actress, and singer of Polish descent. Born in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, she grew up in Buków, part of Silesia, five miles from the Czech border. Her father is Polish, her mother is German and she has two older sisters. In 2009 Ciesla embraced Hinduism, she explained that she believes in Karma and reincarnation and consider lord Ganesha as her savior.

Her summer 2008 single I love dancing I Espania is written by English composer Gordon Lorenz, and the video shot at his home in Llandudno, Wales. Despite her heritage, she is a fan of Yorkshire football team Leeds United and in August 2008 visited Elland Road following the UK release of her debut single.

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