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Mounita Khan Ishana: Lux Channel i Superstar 2009

Ishana : 1st Runner-Up on Lux Channel i Superstar 2009 

Bangladeshi model Ishana Lux super star crown wins in the year of 2009. She was first runner up. Bd model Ishana recently completes a product model Fair and lovely max fairness cream. Her full name is Mounita Khan Ishana.

Bangladeshi Movie Actress : Nipun

Bangladeshi Movie Actress : Nipun

Nipun stay United States  of America since six years. Recently Nipun acting a new film “Attodan” Moreover she acting in film “Sutoy Badha” About Attodan film Nipun say this is very uncommon movie for me. All character is quite different from other movie. I am rally happy performing with this film Attodan says Nipun. Nipun recently acting release film name is “Bap boro na sosur baro” this film is big budget film. Bangladeshi famous actor Razzak acting in this film. Nipun acting many movies waiting for release such as- Tui purus, Nobab jada, Adorer Jamay etc. Nipun say now lot of people going in cinema hall for watching Nipun performing movie. Bangladeshi famous cinema hall is star Cineplex, Modhumita, Bolaka, Monihar has lot of place to watch good movie say Nipun. Bangladeshi actress Nipun acting lot of good quality movie such as- Pitar ashan, Saajghar, Amar praner sami etc. Nipun perform more that twenty six movies. More over beside acting film actress Nipun ‘s recently modeling work with Pran up TV advertisement, LG, Walton Freeze TV advertisement, Momtaz Uptan, Momtaz Mehedi, Tibet snow, Walton generator etc.

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