Bangladeshi Rock Musician and a Guitarist : Ayub Bacchu

Bangladeshi Rock Musician and a Guitarist Ayub Bacchu

Ayub Bachchu(Born 16TH AUG) Bengali: is a famous Bangladeshi rock musician and a guitarist in the country. During 1980 – 1990 he was a member of Souls as lead guitarist. Finally he formed his own band AT 1991 titled LRB (the acronym originally came from Little River Band, but since another Australian band already had that name, Bachchu changed it to Love Runs Blind). LRB is the first band in Bangladeshi Band history to release two double albums and surprisingly enough, boldly of course their 1st album was a double album. The type was hard rock based like Madhobi, Dhakar Sondha etc.The public were not acquainted with that kind of music in Bangla before; the album was a huge success. Even though he started out as a Rock musician he eventually branched out to the more mainstream music of Bangladesh. He composed and played guitar in many songs for other artists; as a result, has gained a respectable fame among the musicians of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, Ayub Bachchu has contributed heavily to the development of Bangladeshi Rock Music. He is popular equally as a Singer as well as a Guitarist and Composer. He dedicated himself to promote all instrument players of Bangladesh and make instrument playing more popular here. His first instrumental album ‘Sound of Silence’ is a breakthrough in instrumental music in Bangladesh. Jimi Hendrix & Joe Satriani are his inspirations as a guitarist[citation needed]. He is well known for his distinctive headgear and guitars. Widely known[by whom?] for his technical efficiency on guitar, Ayub Bachchu is regularly cited[by whom?] as one of the best guitarists in the sub-continent and the best[peacock term] in his country.

He is extremely popular[peacock term] for his blues influenced guitar playing which contains many of the high-skilled techniques[peacock term] along with melodic approach. With his band LRB, he has popularized the blues-rock genre in his own language and gained the crowd attention for the live acts. Despite Satriani and Hendrix, LRB draw inspirations from many other rock bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Guns N’Roses, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Nirvana.[citation needed] Still Bachchu prefers to play covers of these bands in the live acts along with LRB and his own songs. Ayub Bachchu’s musical contributions made LRB as the top band in his country which has popularity in overseas also. He once mentioned to have 28 guitars in his collection. He is generally seen with Ibanez and ESP guitars, though he prefers PRS, Carvin and Fender Stratocaster also. He has his own recording Studio at Mogbazar, Dhaka named, AB Kitchen.


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