Popular Singer Of Bangladeshi Origin: Sabina Yasmin

 Popular Singer Of Bangladeshi Origin: Sabina Yasmin

Sabina Yasmin (Born 1953)(সাবিনা ইয়াসমীন) is a popular singer of Bangladeshi origin. She is renowned in Bangladesh for her patriotic songs as well as her playback singing in Bangladeshi cinema. She achieved many awards for her music in Bangladesh and has become an iconic figure in Bangladeshi music world.

One of the most popular singers of the Indian subcontinent and the most prolific singer of Bangladesh, Sabina Yasmin started singing for films (soundtrack), radio, television and gramophone companies as a child. She has reigned supreme in the Bangladeshi music industry for the last 40 years. She is one of those few vocalists who is equally sought after in East Bengal (Bangladesh) as well as in West Bengal (in India). She has recorded more than some 10 thousand songs.

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