Prova Has Opened Her Mouth to Media

Finally prova has opened her mouth to Media. She accused her ex boyfriend Rajib for the scandal of much talked video. She has come to the media for the first time after the publication of her scandal.

She said to BD News 24, “An alive woman has been killed. But what was my fault that I am being hesitated in that way?”

Prova talked with BD News 24 in 25th September 2010. She said in an exclusive interview that her relationship with Rajib was not going on the right way since last two years.

She said that, “Rajib was a very crazy person. He never loved me. His target was to marry me in any cost. Therefore, the engagement was done almost under a pressure. But his face becomes clear to me just after the engagement. Moreover, I think might have killed me if we did marry one another.”

She also said, “When I understood that he doesn’t love me, I started to become more engaged with my work. It was also seen that I had worked continuously for thirty days of a month so that he could not meet with me.

” Prova said about her personal life, “I also wanted to become happy with my husband and family like other Bengali Women. Was it my fault?”

Prova said about Apurbo , “Apurbo is a very good person. He was very care full about me before the marriage. Moreover, we worked as co-workers and a good friendship was built between us.”

Prova said about the start of relationship with Apurbo, “Although we had a good understanding between us, both of us were very unclear about our relation. But I felt him good.”

Prova said about the sudden marriage with Apurbo, “My family was giving pressure on me for marriage. Overall I was under great pressure.”

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